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Jason Ho ’06

Jason HoComing to Syracuse University opened a new world for Jason Ho WSOM’06. He was born and raised in lower Manhattan, just outside Chinatown. He only spoke Chinese at home, because neither of his parents spoke English. “Both my sister and I really stuck to our roots and maintained a lot of Chinese tradition and culture in our lives. It was important for me to choose a school away from home that could provide an authentic American college experience,” he says.

His years on the hill gave him time to explore and determine what he liked to do, and what he wanted to pursue as a career. “In high school I really enjoyed working with computers. After I took a class in computer hardware I built myself a computer from scratch. At the same time, I was fairly good with numbers, hence I looked at schools with good programs in both computer technology and business.” Ho began as an IT major, but eventually moved to the Whitman School, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, with a minor in IT.

A semester abroad in Hong Kong was life changing as well. “It was very much a culture shock, but in a good way,” Ho says. It was in Hong Kong that he met his wife, who was also studying at SU Abroad. For the past five years, Ho has lived in Hong Kong, working in internal auditing for a global bank.

Though far away, Syracuse University remains near and dear to his heart. Ho is an active member of the Hong Kong Alumni group, which has seen revitalization in the past three years. In July, Ho and other alumni hosted a “send-off” event for Hong Kong-area students leaving the country to attend SU. The annual event provides students and their parents a chance to make connections with fellow SU families and alumni.

“I think the most important takeaway from the send-off is that parents and students feel comfortable and confident in their selection of SU,” Ho says. “It’s also a great place for parents and new students to get a good first impression of alumni and the orange family.”

The send-off is an event Ho is pleased to be a part of. “I like being able to share my knowledge.” he says. “And I like being able to give back to SU and help others.”

Published: September 2017