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Professor Peter Koveos Traveled to China with 15 First-and Second-Year Business Students

Professor of finance Peter Koveos first visited China in 1990. On his most recent trip there, he got a first-hand look at the U.S.-China trade war. “Everywhere we went there was this sense that something special was going on in the world,” Koveos says. One Syracuse alum called the threat of U.S. tariffs “a historical moment.”

He traveled this past May with 15 first- and second-year business students, visiting Shanghai and other cities for two weeks. The insights underscore the reason he’s organized immersion trips and student exchanges in Asia for nearly three decades: to provide students perspectives far beyond textbooks.

“They saw the implications of economic policy,” he says of his spring trip. “It’s not something abstract. It affects businesses and people who work for those businesses and people’s income.”

Koveos is Kiebach Chair in International Business and director of the Kiebach Center for International Business at Syracuse’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management. His work connecting Syracuse students to Asia and recruiting Asian students to Syracuse evolved as he “realized how important China is to the rest of the world and how important all Asian economies are to the rest of the world.”

He also thought “students would benefit from all the cultural aspects, the country, the economy and the fast pace of economic development” and learn “people think differently and do things differently.”

Koveos visits Shanghai at least once a year to update his understanding of international business and finance developments and to reconnect with grateful alumni. “Every time I go there, they are very gracious even after all these years,” he says.

Pamela Suchiu WU MBA ’90, who lives in Taipei, says that gratitude and grace are well deserved. “When I recall all my academic path and the key milestone points that shaped who I am today, Peter was one of the few life changers to help me stand on firmer ground and deepen my confidence,” she says. “I am forever grateful for his guidance and kind support.”

Zheng ZHAO G’17 (MS Finance) who is originally from Shanghai and now senior real estate investment analyst at DLP Real Estate Capital in St. Augustine, Florida, shares a similar view. “(He) needed to handle a million things every day, yet he always gave me ample patience and guidance while I was reporting to him,” Zhao says. “He allowed me enough creative freedom and financial support to transform that which I’d envisioned into reality.”

Koveos hopes the recent Shanghai trip sticks in students’ minds. “As freshman and sophomores, it’s the right time to develop your impression of the world and see some of these forces that shape the world,” he says. “Hopefully they are the ones who are going to use this experience in their careers.”



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